the last goodbye​.​.​.​(​CD)

by Just Wär

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01 All Guns Afire
02 Protest Sonnet
03 Cards And Dice
04 Civilisation´s Agony
05 Atheist Prayer
06 Before We Die
07 Sky Overcast
08 Raid Of The Crows

Hard Bones Production (CZ)


released February 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Just War Prague, Czech Republic

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Track Name: All Guns Afire

we slay we´re slain
we enslave we´re the slaves
we die in turns
we´re never gonna learn
this is the last goodbye
our time has come tonight
we have to part our ways
till death do us unite
we kill we die for our oh-so needed pride
we need to stop and think for a while
we need to slow down or were all gonna cry
till the end of the time the grim reaper prowls
this time we feel our demise s nearly here
the end is near enjoy your final beer
this is the last goodbye
Track Name: Atheist Prayer

i believe in god, i believe that god is love
and if you don´t believe, i burn you at the stake
i believe in god and i love my fellow men
if you don´t feel the same, i divide you in quarters
doctors prescribing pills
to dope the childrens brains
to kill their fantasy and imaginary friends
brainwash the innocents,
while four fifths of the world
without no proof believe in imaginary god
inquisition heresy
god closed his eyes, let there be genocide
god turned his head away and let his children die
burn the witch and heretics
so that god can see the fire
if there is a god then every creed is the same
of equal importance and there´s no need to quarrel
if there is no god then every creed is a joke
embarrassing mistake, lock stock and barrel
if there is no heaven there is no salvation
if there is no god then we still can be blessed
if there is no hell there is no damnation
if there is no god then we can save ourselves
Track Name: Civilisation´s agony

civilisation rotten from inside

civilisation conquered from outside

disharmony and entropy

civilisation´s agony

civilisation devoured from below

civilisation destroyed from above

disharmony and entropy

civilisation´s agony

the end is near, feel the feer

shed a tear

civilisation shattered and taken

to create another civilisation

disharmony and entropy

civilisation´s agony

this is the last goodbye…